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Are You Ane Of Those Women Who Gets Depressed When They Also Battle Being Moms With ADD/ADHD?30 Sep

Sarah Ferman, Psy.D., L.M.F.T.

If you’re a mom pulled in a million different directions — work, soccer practice, a dinner party, play dates — you’re not alone.

There are plenty of moms out there who are depressed because they never can get through their ‘;to do’; lists.

As Lisa Sigell reports, there may be a reason you’re not getting to the bottom …

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The Miracle of Medication – Another success story!03 Dec

One of the greatest gifts of working with people with ADHD is that the treatment, if done correctly,  can really work quickly and the results sometimes seem nothing short of miraculous.  It never ceases to amaze me how much a person’s life can be changed in just a few months if they just “lean in” and stick with the treatment plan.

There is such joy in being able to hear patients say that “My life is really good Doc, I’m getting A’ and B’s in college now, my parents and I are getting along well and I actually got a part time job and my life is pretty great!”.  Those are the things that make my job worthwhile as psychologist who specializes in ADHD.

All of this because we were able to see what so many previous psychiatrists had failed to notice.  Instead of just looking at the depression and anxiety that were on the surface, we did a comprehensive evaluation and found out that this young man was struggling with Inattentive ADHD.  He was depressed because of all of the things he just couldn’t seem to accomplish in his life.  He was anxious only because he felt something was different about him, and he thought he would never get ahead in his life.  It was hard for me to remember that this was the same person who only a few short months ago was shy, uncertain,  and was really struggling to be successful.  Now thanks to medication, a little ADHD therapy, and a few coaching sessions with his parents, his feelings of discouragement and hopelessness were now nothing more than distant memories.

He, like so many other of our ADHD clients, is excelling in his college courses, noting that for the first time he could actually focus in and comprehend what his professors were lecturing about.

Now, instead of anger and resentment at home, he and his parents talk about the miracle of what this treatment has done to bring peace and cooperation to the family, good grades in college, and most of all he is confident and motivated to be the person he had always wanted to be.



iStock_000000296911XSmallHaving a physical illness can cause one to feel “down” or sad.  When the sadness is severe or long lasting, there may be an unrecognized link.  We call such a link clinical depression co-occurring with a medical condition.  Clinical depression is estimated to occur in up to one-third of medically ill people.

Depression and medical/physical illness may occur together for different reasons: (more…)


Most medical doctors who treat ADD/ADHD do so as part of a larger practice. ADHD Specialists focuses primarily on only treating ADD and related conditions. This intense focus allows us to continually sharpen our clinical skills, attend specialized training, utilize the latest therapies, and build our process to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Often medical, testing and counseling services are all separately owned and located practices. It just does not make sense to have to travel from one location to another to treat the same condition. Besides the issue of time and travel, how cohesive and effective is care being delivered in multiple locations by multiple, unrelated providers who don’t have time to talk to each other?

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