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How To Get Back That Loving Feeling06 Mar

Sarah Ferman and Dr. Robert Wilford held a weekly teleconference on Monday, March 5th.

Here is the summary of what it was about and the recording.

Do you find your partner does all of the talking, but somehow does none or little of the listening?

Do they often interrupt YOU but can’t tolerate being interrupted themselves?

Does your partner promise to handle and take care of things only to find out that once again they have not done what they 100% promised to do for you?

We are going to discuss some strategies to revitalize communication in your ADHD relationship

  • Being a better Listener
  • Ending the Interrupting Game
  • How and When to Keep Promises
  • Click below to listen to the recording

    Getting Back That Loving Feeling – Teleconference Recording

    The questions that were asked before and during the teleconference:


    I think I have AD/HD and have had it for a long time. It is most recently that my wife suggested me to get tested. What do you think about getting tested for ADHD even at my age? 


    Well, there are two issues really here. First is the actual question of whether you do have it. That is something that is relatively easy to find out. You can locate a good psychiatrist one who specializes in ADHD and get tested.

    The second issue is actually bigger, and that is your wife has suggested that you get tested for ADHD and that implies that she believes you might have ADHD. So here is the bind,- if you don’t get tested, you will be doing two disservices. The first is to yourself and the second is to your wife. If you don’t get tested, she might feel like you don’t respect her insights and not take her seriously.


    How can I help my ADHD husband understand how important it is to me for him to keep his promises? And as a non-ADHD spouse, how can I deal better with handling the feelings of disappointment when he changes his mind?

    How do you suggest I find a way for him to stop resenting me for the things he’s had to change?


    So, we should not make any promises whatsoever and use the word “I will try” more often?


    What suggestions do you have for broaching the subject of your ADD with new people in your life, in such a way that informs, but doesn’t come off as making excuses for your ADD-related mistakes?

    Find the answers to the questions above by listening to the recording below:

    How To Get Back That Loving Feeling – Q & As

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    1. Karen

      I was diagnosed with ADHD after being treated for many years for bipolar 1. I find the medication given to me has helped immensely as I was never able to read through a book or stick to projects until they are finished. I take 54mg of Concerta and 10mg of Ritalin 3x/day. It has given me the ability to FOCUS! Before I’de be all over the place. Now, I follow through to the finish.

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