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Ending The Blame Game By ADHD Relationship Rescue Team03 Apr

Sarah Ferman and Dr. Robert Wilford held a weekly teleconference on Monday, April 2nd, 2012.

Here is the summary of what it was about and the recording.

We are here tonight to share with you a simple system to put an end to the Blame Game – and actually its so easy you can see results instantly when you start applying our no nonsense method in your relationship.

Do you feel like every time you share a difficult experience with your partner about something that has happened to you that you thought was difficult, painful, or took a lot out of you….that all you get back is a statement about how you shouldn’t feel bad, you should hear about my difficult, painful experience.

Do you find yourself feeling like every time you and your partner try to talk about difficult concerns you have in your relationship, that all you end up doing is end up trading stories and examples that discount, diminish, or even reinforce the problem back and forth and you never actually get around to finding a solution.
Have you ever felt like when you bring up even a small concern to your partner, what you get is all of the reasons why your complaint is invalid, totally off base, as well as get any examples that will make sure you know that your concern is simply not valid?

Does it ever feel like it is just easier to keep your complaints and concerns to yourself, rather than feel like your having to defend your feelings in a supreme court battle?

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Ending The Blame Game

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