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ADHD Symptoms – How 5 minutes quickly turns into 2 hours

When we face a task or a chore at home say like painting the fence, mowing the lawn or baking a cake, we should know approximately how long that chore will take. And this is especially so if we have baked that cake many times before or mown the lawn fifty times a year. But what if we were to get our timing wrong? What if we thought we could paint the fence in two hours and six hours later we were still not through?

Well as crazy as that sounds, guessing the time it takes to do something is a major problem for many people who suffer from ADHD. Their brain simply doesn’t compute the same way a non-ADHD brain computes.

People have what is called an internal clock. They are able to take a nap and set their internal clock to wake in two hours and they do. This skill is not as likely to occur in someone who has ADHD. In fact an ADHDer is more likely to have what is known as the impulsivity trait. A person with this characteristic is likely to underestimate time. They think an hour is ten minutes or thereabouts. They have poor time perception or an impaired time perception.

Poor time perception is demonstrated in other ways as well. A child with ADHD for instance does not always understand when the right time occurs. Their teacher or parent may ask a question and the child blurts out the answers too soon. They have not grasped the appropriate time in which to respond. The answers may need to be given one at a time in turn, and a child or adult with ADHD may answer too quickly or out of turn. This is due to their inability to sense time the ways non-ADHD people can. A short time may seem like a very long time to an ADHDer.

Studies of the brain and how it affects our moods and responses are being carried out at present. One discovery concerns the chemical in our brain called Dopamine which is a key to the way we behave. When there is a ‘malfunction’ of the chemical in our brain, the person can misjudge time. They may also become excitable and impulsive. It is not their fault. They are not being rude or naughty but rather, reacting to a chemical imbalance in their brain. The flow of Dopamine can be slowed or speeded up or even cut off altogether by outside influences. If a someone with ADHD becomes excited or is placed under stress, their Dopamine supply can be affected. This in turn shows up or manifests itself in the way the child or adult behaves.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had an internal clock that never needed winding and always went off with its alarm reminding us to do something we planned to do?

There are devices available which can help ADHDers to tell the time or see how much time remains without having to be able to tell the time. There are ways to help all of us, and especially those with ADHD, to become better at judging time.

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