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ADHD Adults Los Angeles – Plan Twice As Long As You Think You Will Need20 Nov

ADHD Adults Los Angeles  – Plan twice as long as you think you will need

You will probably just make it

Any adult who has ADHD will not be surprised when they hear someone say that their life is in turmoil. That is often a good description of someone with the condition, an ADDer or ADHDer. They find the following types of behavior or words to be commonplace in their life – procrastination, impulsive, poor time-management, easily distracted and inattention (actually-surplus attention). In fact those words are par for the course with many who have ADHD.

And of course if you do keep putting things off, if you tend to rush into things or find yourself running late or going overtime, your life can be pretty frustrating at those times. But there is a way through the difficulties.

The good thing about being an adult with ADHD is that you can understand the condition; you can have it explained and ask relevant questions. You can then consider strategies which are designed to help you make it through the day. And there are strategies which work. The first is quite simple. It’s in the heading of the article.

If you look at a task you have to perform and you calculate it will take an hour, double that time and thus give yourself the freedom to reach your goal without bumping up your stress meter. It sounds simple and it is but it works. If you have time-management problems and tend to get side-tracked or procrastinate, give yourself more time. Expand your time boundaries.

Another thing which is important to adults with ADHD is that they can consciously make decisions. An adult can look at the options and make a choice. And these choices, these strategies apply equally as well in your personal life as in your professional duties.

You don’t need to be an expert in human behavior, and you do need to follow some simple and tested rules. The first is to make a list of tasks you have to do. This of course is simple but then comes the tricky bit. You have to prioritize the tasks. You have to make a list of your tasks in order of importance

You see one of the characteristics of an ADHDer is they get to the end of the day and they haven’t done one or more of the things they needed to do. Now if the undone tasks are low in priority then that’s not such a bad thing. But if the unfinished task is important, your day could get even worse.

Once your list is done in order of priority – the most important tasks at the top – you make a plan. What do I need to do get those important tasks completed? That could mean setting an alarm clock, allowing plenty of time to finish the task and allowing for travel, meal breaks, tiredness, etc. Then you are armed for battle. You have a plan which is based on a list with tasks in order of importance. You’re ready to go. You’re ready to conquer your ADHD hiccups and make your day go exactly to plan.

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