Just been diagnosed with ADHD – Now What?22 Oct

Getting diagnosed with ADHD can be a confusing thing to handle. For many people it is a combination of relief and regret. Finding someone who knows and understands your type of ADHD is crucial.

The diagnosis of ADHD is a mixed blessing for most. It often explains years of missed deadlines, unopened mail, and interpersonal difficulties. The good news is that 70% of people respond well to medication and see a decrease in symptoms in a short time. What is difficult is that “pills don’t teach skills”. Medication is only part of the solution. Finding someone who understands your specific type of ADHD is crucial. A coach, therapist or psychiatrist which are experts, in the field of ADHD, can help you understand what to expect from medication, as well as what issues you will need to handle emotionally and behaviorally. While it is comforting to discover that your behavior was the result of your ADHD and not just a case of being lazy or unmotivated, there is usually a long list of regrets for deadlines missed, friendships lost, and personal shortcomings that are based on years of untreated ADHD.

You have lots of doubts validated by years of evidence. If you were diagnosed as an adult or later in life, your list of self-doubts grows. Getting a diagnosis can be confusing, the good news is now you now know you have ADHD, the bad news is that you are not sure what to think about your past, what to do about your future and how to live an amazing life with your ADHD. Yes, medications help a lot, in fact 70% of people will find relief with stimulant medication, and that still doesn’t help with knowing how to go forward from here.

Turning to an ADHD expert is crucial to moving forward. You will need to find an expert who knows about your kind of ADHD, how to help you make sense of your life before the diagnosis, and learn from your past so you can be successful in moving ahead.

Being able to release yourself of the shame and self-doubt associated with untreated ADHD can be very powerful. A skilled therapist or coach specializing in treating and working with ADHD is invaluable in helping you learn to adjust your thoughts and behaviors to work with your ADHD not against it. Freedom from the past comes from learning and applying new life skills to the present,
as you understand what part of your history was not your fault and simply a by product of untreated ADHD.

There is comfort in knowing what you can control and what you need to delegate to be successful. Getting diagnosed with ADHD is the first step in choosing to be an active participant in the life you want to have. Learning all you can about your ADHD will give you options and choices to strengthen your assets and become empowered to have the life you want.

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