How to Stop Losing Your Keys, Cell Phone & Wallet while at home

“Late again!  The keys are no where to be found.  I’m already 20 minutes late for work.  I torn through the house, purses, briefcases, pockets, piles and still not keys. Getting more and more frustrated as time is passing.  I am now guaranteed to be late for work. I know I got in the house somehow last night and can’t remember what I did with the keys. I magically wonder if they grew legs (just maybe?-just kidding).  I’ve looked everywhere, and I know that they have to be here somewhere.  They just have to be here.  They didn’t grow legs.  Wherever I though I put them, they are hiding.  Another sweep through the house and I find them near the laundry. OMG – I’m 30 minutes late again.

Does this sound familiar.  Some of the most interesting places clients have found their keys are the laundry basket, in their underwear, in the freezer, in the refrigerator, in the kitchen cabinet, in a shoe, and in the trash.  It is so frustrating to not find the things that are so important to us; keys, wallet and cell phone.  These prize possessions are often left behind, whenever we leave the house.

Here are some tips and strategies on how to stop leaving your prize possessions are home.

Step 1 – Choose  a spot near your front door or in the front entrance hall.  One end of the table is a a good place or a key rack or counter.  A key rack can often be found in the kitchen and my friend likes to keep his key key rack in his hall closet. Personally, I keep my keeps on a ring with a hook that attaches to the inside of my purse. (Sometimes women like to keep there keys with there purse and their purse in the bedroom.  Same steps apply ladies.)

Step 2 – Clear off the special spot of all random other things that have collected there, such as paper, expired coupons and other clutter.

Step 3 – Place your wallet, keys and cell phone in this exact spot (some people like to use a decorative bowl for these items) and always set them there.  Do not just drop them wherever you happen to be standing or behind your bed  or under your desk.  When you walk in the front door, set the items in this spot or in the bowl, every single time.  If you walk around with your phone, put it back in that spot when you are done.

Step 4 – When you are ready to walk out the door the important things are ready for you.  It may take several tries to get used to doing this.

Step 5 – If you catch yourself setting them down in some random spot, quickly go place them in the right spot.  Remember that it takes 21-30 days to make a new habit.

Leave a comment and share with us where you have left your keys, cell phone or wallet.

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