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ADHD May Not Be Real in Teenagers and Seniors20 May

Before you assume that your inattention, lack of motivation and inability to stay focused are actually caused by Attention Deficit Disorder, you must first ask yourself about the quality and quantity of your sleep.  Insomnia or even a few nights of poor or too little sleep can be a serious problem.  Lack of sleep can lead to increased risk for depression and/or anxiety, substance abuse, and yes, symptoms that look like ADHD.

Of particular interest to me, as an ADHD Doctor, is the similarity in symptoms that ADHD and Insomnia have in common.  Both cause problems with sleep; both cause impairments in daytime functioning.  In addition to fatigue and irritability,  there are  two other symptoms  sometimes mistakenly attributed to ADHD.  Those symptoms are difficulties with attention and concentration as well as decreased motivation. I have found it an invaluable asset to talk very specifically with my patients about the amount, as well as the quality of the sleep they are getting.  Sometimes my patients problems with inattention, motivation and the inability to focus are really the result of too little sleep. Increase the amount or the quality of sleep you get  and often these symptoms dramatically improve.

As a doctor who has seen thousands of cases of ADHD, it is very easy to look at an unmotivated teenager, one who is not motivated to go to class, to graduate, or even pay attention in school and think they have ADHD.  Fortunately, at our center, our comprehensive ADHD evaluation examines the quality, amount
and duration of sleep for every patient, at each visit.  Knowing this has often prevented me from giving a diagnosis of ADHD, when lack of sleep is really the problem.  I have seen this over and over again. As kids go into their teenage years, they stay up late, occupied with TV, video games, or being on the computer and lose sleep.   This is often the cause of their ADHD like symptoms.  Be aware that many things, including lack of sleep, can look like ADHD. Only a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the whole person done by a qualified professional can really rule out any other causes before deciding that ADHD is the answer.

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Often medical, testing and counseling services are all separately owned and located practices. It just does not make sense to have to travel from one location to another to treat the same condition. Besides the issue of time and travel, how cohesive and effective is care being delivered in multiple locations by multiple, unrelated providers who don’t have time to talk to each other?

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